Past Work Gallery

Working with the customer and a local plastics extruder, we designed this ergonomic white board eraser marked with the customer's detailed logo. Children and educators all over the country are reminded daily of who supplies quality white boards.


Printed 1st as a flat plastic sheet, this seven color piece utilized a thermo-formable ink, then heated to nearly molten and drawn via vacuum pressure over a mold depicting the human eye.


Some considerable head scratching took place when this customer was asked to mark this adhesive felt sheet. Offset, flexo, digital, nothing seemed to fit. Again screen printing filled the niche.


A custom built fixture and careful placement of a durable ink has left a lasting impression on this switch case assembly.


How do you put your message and logo on a ten pound irregularly shaped piece of particle board? You screen print it of course.


When our customer was faced with overseas competition on their new personal response white board line, Production screen printing stepped up and delivered. By tooling up and taking advantage of volume material buys, we won. Some 250,000 boards later this line is profitable and made right here in Cadott Wisconsin.


Politicians know that the only way the voter gets to know their name is if they see it in their neighbors yard. An inexpensive yet durable yard sign is one way to get their foot in the door.


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